The Systems Theory Lab is always looking for excellent and motivated (graduate) students and postdocs interested in working in the area of dynamical systems and control theory.

Specific research topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Novel Data-Integrated Analysis & Control Paradigms for Complex Dynamical Systems
  • Holistic Analysis and Control of High-Dimensional Dynamical Systems via Operator-Theoretic and Data-Driven Approaches, cf. the associated recent NSF award (
  • Targeted Coordination of Dynamic Populations, cf. the associated recent NSF award with Jr-Shin Li (
  • Different fundamental questions at the heart of systems and control theory (optimal control and state estimation for nonlinear systems, analysis of dynamical systems, etc.)

Visit the research & publications pages for more information on research areas in the lab.

ESE Undergraduate Research Projects:

Computational optimal control for nonlinear systems using learning-based techniques

  • Stabilization and active maneuvering of nonlinear dynamical systems in an optimized way (e.g., by minimizing energy consumption) are critical tasks of fundamental importance in various engineering problems. In this project, students can learn about modern data-integrated and learning-based approaches developed in the lab for synthesizing such optimal control laws for nonlinear systems and are also given the opportunity to apply these to different physical control systems.
  • Suggested background/courses: a solid understanding of basic control systems principles (ESE 441), experience with Matlab programming

If you are interested in joining the Systems Theory Lab at Washington University in St. Louis, please send an email including a brief CV and, if available, a brief description of past or present research projects or research interests to Shen Zeng.